Market Diversification and the Biofuel Start-up

Developers of new technologies for advanced biofuels production tend to focus naturally – and rightly – on the technical performance aspects of the business: How to either do things that other technologies cannot achieve – better yields, better product quality, the ability to process more challenging feedstocks – or do the same job as othersContinue reading “Market Diversification and the Biofuel Start-up”

Biological or Thermochemical – Place Your Bets!

Which is the best way to convert biomass to transport fuels? In the red corner, the Ninja – the micro-organism, be it yeast, bacteria or algae. It is stealthy and very skilled, clever and adaptable. But ultimately fragile and temperamental. In the blue corner, the Troll – the reactor, using brute force (also known asContinue reading “Biological or Thermochemical – Place Your Bets!”