Market Diversification and the Biofuel Start-up

Developers of new technologies for advanced biofuels production tend to focus naturally – and rightly – on the technical performance aspects of the business: How to either do things that other technologies cannot achieve – better yields, better product quality, the ability to process more challenging feedstocks – or do the same job as othersContinue reading “Market Diversification and the Biofuel Start-up”

First Generation Biofuels: Angel or Demon?

Neither, of course. Actually, the question makes about as much sense as asking “Are people good or evil?”. Unless you have unshakable faith in human nature or, conversely, hold a marked preference for dogs over humans, the only sensible answer is “It depends”. In fact, when it comes to biofuels, sustainability specialists working for theContinue reading “First Generation Biofuels: Angel or Demon?”

Biofuels, or the Perils of Leadership

There is a cartoon from the Far Side Gallery that I find horrible and hilarious in equal measures. It depicts a small band of explorers walking single line in the jungle. The chap at the front – presumably the leader – has just come to a very sticky end, horribly impaled on a trap madeContinue reading “Biofuels, or the Perils of Leadership”

Biological or Thermochemical – Place Your Bets!

Which is the best way to convert biomass to transport fuels? In the red corner, the Ninja – the micro-organism, be it yeast, bacteria or algae. It is stealthy and very skilled, clever and adaptable. But ultimately fragile and temperamental. In the blue corner, the Troll – the reactor, using brute force (also known asContinue reading “Biological or Thermochemical – Place Your Bets!”

Surely Not Another Consultant?

Does the world really need another consultant? I would normally be the first one to answer with a rather understated “possibly not”. And yet here I am, at the end of a long and fulfilling career with BP, setting myself up as a biofuels expert / consultant / would-be influencer. Why? Because fundamentally, I thinkContinue reading “Surely Not Another Consultant?”